Recent press of South Dixie Antique Row in West Palm Beach Florida




"With dozens of well-curated vintage shops spanning all decades, West Palm Beach’s Antique Row is a street of hidden treasures just waiting to be rediscovered."


When famed industrialist Henry Morrison Flagler arrived in the Lake Worth area just north of Miami, he knew he'd stumbled upon a place with unlimited possibilities-and that he had to tap into the potential. He came up with a plan to turn the narrow strip of land bordering the Atlantic Ocean into a resort community, and the land on he opposite side would become a service city to support it. The symbiotic relationship proved successful, and both towns became dream destinations.

Among the posh enclaves dotting the southeastern shores of Florida's peninsula lie the towns of Palm Beach and West Palm Beach, separated by a silver sliver of the Intracoastal Waterway. Palm Beach is known for Worth Avenue with its four-block section of high-end retailers, while her sister city to the west boasts the Antique Row Art & Design District-home to more than 50 antiques and specialty shops. Each community has its own flavor and personality, and both are extremely walker friendly. Just park your car, and meander through the enchanting wares to your heart's content.

Leave your sweater at home, and stroll through the sunny surrounds of Antique Row in West Palm Beach. Dozens of incredible antiques shops-all lined up within walking distance-stand along one perpetually balmy street. Because of their passion for 19th-century English bamboo furniture, designer Stefanie de Laville and husband Serge collected more pieces than their house would hold. What else could they do but open up Coco House & Company boutique and share their fabulous finds wit the public? along with the bamboo selection , you'll see art and accessories from around the world. Looking for beautiful French textiles? Then don't miss Faustina Pace Antiques, where you'll also discover Swedish furniture and accessories from Belgium tucked among the 19th- and 20th-century antiques.

Since the distance between the two towns is a mere seven-minute drive via the Flagler Memorial Bridge, it's easy to take in the sights of both. If you love shiny sparkly things, be sure to pop into James & Jeffrey Antiques in West Palm, and then head straight away to Belle & Maxwell's, a bistro with delicious fare to fuel your afternoon adventures. Don't forget dessert-the Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding is a perennial favorite.